Wild and Free…

Wild and Free…

…in South Africa. A few days ago I was lucky to meet one of the world’s most intelligent animals – elephants.

Spending some magical moments with these prideful animals in their natural habitat was one of the greatest experiences in my life.

I heard their rumbling sounds for the first time and was impressed by the emotions it awakened in me. Feeling their power, confidence, pride and authority – at the same time I felt love, compassion and loyalty while looking deeply into the their beautiful eyes with its incredibly long lashes. I can’t think of more contrary animals.

The rumble sounds describe greeting & bonding gestures, soliciting with a ‘mate’ or giving reassurance. Not only human beings long for connections – they do as well.

While going for a walk with the three elephant beauties we accompanied that day, I realized how they move with massive grace and dignity. The mommy elephant was such a strong leader of her tribe. They have an intense focus on their family.


But above all what made me feel so connected with those gentle and wise elephants was their strong desire to wander and explore. That’s who I am… traveling the world, looking for my second home abroad I dream of, exploring and capturing the beauty of the world, cultures and people we are living in. Choosing this life was such a blessing for me. Working from wherever I want… spending time with the elephants empowered me even more that I chose the right path. It took my some time to understand everything life is about, but I found the courage to go for it…

Searching for a deeper meaning of courage I found that one which I really like… Some say “it’s being willing to take the risk to be hurt, disappointed or to fail.”

Well, this happens to all of us, but does it reduce us in worthiness or value – I don’t think so. Being a perfectionist I had to learn this as well. So many of us out there are afraid of following their heart, of failure and to overcome their fears. But that’s where you find growth. That’s where your potential is. It’s the path to a life true to yourself. A more happier you. Luckily my passion burned brighter than my fears…

“The elephant hauls himself from the mud. In the same way we have the ability to rise out of our darkest moments into the world to become the best you can be.”

I have never been more grateful that I chose to rewrite my story and build my own colored reality. At the same time I am soul food for others and am passionate about inspiring others and change lives.

While writing this blog post I see a little souvenir, two little elephants figures I got as an present years ago. Well, that’s when the elephant with its deeper meaning came into my life for the first time. Back then I didn’t feel the strength, strong will and intent. I haven’t seen that I deserve what I and my heart are longing for. Now I do.

Whenever you have to stay strong in your life – I can recommend you to invoke the elephant as your POWER animal. You will stay strong but can remain compassionate at the same time – like the elephants do.

Time equals life and life equals time. Time is one of the most valuable things that won’t come back once gone. Whenever you are facing challenges in life… remind yourself that the TIME is NOW, in each moment lies an opportunity and it only needs one step to live a life true to yourself. TAKE ACTION.

Live wild and free, fierce and brave… it’s worth it, you are worth it.

With love,

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