We’re all in this together – 6 Benefits of a like-minded Tribe


There is no reason to walk alone, right?

I feel like this is reason enough to be part of a group of like-minded people that grow together – so this is what a community is about. Growing!

Well, of course, there is more but growing is for sure one of the main goals. We develop and grow through all our lives. It means getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable from time to time because growth lies outside of your comfort zone. So it’s essential that we have to take the steps out, overcome our fears and challenges to become greater, stronger, wiser to master this wonderful life we’ve been gifted with.

So, how come we are in this more than ever?

We’ve grown up in an environment where others tend to tell us what we are not able to do, what we can’t. Doesn’t matter if they try to protect us or they try to pull us down – our limiting beliefs so many of us struggle with nowadays don’t come out of the blue.

Times are changing and we are facing the digital era now and not the industrial age anymore. Our belief systems are still programmed to the past days and I believe you know how difficult it can be to change our habits and patterns.

The digital era requires our own way of thinking – it requires us to navigate life in our own way. Things changed and we are not back there anymore when we’ve been lead by the hierarchy – when there was no time for socializing at work when everything was controlled and you were taught how to follow the traditional path.

Those times are / should be over.

The new era offers so many opportunities and invites us to create our lives on our own terms.

Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a corporate job or are craving a freedom laptop lifestyle.

Work and Life don’t exist anymore – it’s called LIFETIME.

Technology allows us to be flexible, to work from wherever we want and new jobs get created.

We’ve never been more creative and able to be the creator of our own life – personally and professionally.

And here is the thing – it takes a lot of balls – right?

When you’ve been told your whole life what to do and how things have to look like – it can be the scariest thing to break free and do what your heart is longing for.

You’re asking yourself: Where should I start? I am overwhelmed, stuck and lost. But I want this so badly.

You are this ambitious energy ball – but there is no direction? Do you feel that?

This is what we all have in common – we don’t have all the answers! It’s impossible – but it’s ok. It’s also ok that you want more.

That’s the moment when your tribe gets this deep meaning.

I am the real example – I escaped my corporate 9-5 to create a freedom-based, service-based and location-independent business and live the laptop lifestyle traveling on my own schedule.

Trust me, things didn’t come easy in the first place. It’s hard, entering the entrepreneurial path isn’t easy. You have to get your s**t together and work hard for some time to receive your life in freedom then. But – IT’S SO WORTH IT.


And: I couldn’t have it done without being surrounded by like-minded people, I call my TRIBE and Community.


Get out there and let your tribe find you. Your intuition will tell you who’s right and who’s not for you. Believe me. I’ve been through this.

It’s natural that people come and go. Some people come into our life because they are meant to teach us something. Once their mission is completed, they leave – let them go with love.

Others will stay forever – maybe they become your Business Bestie – Business Partner or whatever the universe has in place for you to have.

Be open to this, accept it with gratitude and give something back in return. That’s how life works.

While being on my entrepreneurial journey I defined 6 benefits of a tribe. I am on a mission to help people create their laptop lifestyle – so I am more than happy to encourage and inspire you with this.


My #1 benefit is SAFETY

When entering the business world we are facing many risks. Although I believe that risk is just the unknown and we can eliminate the risk when we start educating ourselves about it.

Then there is this group of people you’re in – we couldn’t be more different and similar at the same time because of the journey and mission we share. There might be someone who is an expert in the field you are feeling a lack. So this group gives you this feeling of being safe and that there will be a way to solve what you are struggling with. As I said – you don’t have to do it alone.


This leads me to #2 Understanding.

When you get in touch with like-minded people – they understand where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going. I am sure some of your friends aren’t able to treat you as before, they say you’ve changed. Of course, we change, but we are still who we are, even when we are growing. Change isn’t something bad. Change makes us greater and the people around have the choice to grow with you or let you go. It’s not our responsibility to make their decision. It can be challenging to accept that your environment of people will change. But it’s the part of the process and sometimes we have to let go of the old to make space of the new.


#3 is Accountability

Does procrastination sound familiar to you?

It was my daily routine – but since I have a tribe – we keep ourselves accountable.

They help you to push through the not so nice task and also your favorite things to do – most of all they push you to stay committed to you what you are longing for. Making SMART goals and keeping track of them.

Also when you feel like losing track, get back to your tribe and ask for support.

Sometimes it won’t be easy to admit that we are behind and things are not going well in the first place. That’s normal. Allow yourself to accept help and ask for it. Your tribe has your back.


My #4 is Motivation to go beyond

When we work alone and face this journey alone, it’s easy to give up. I told you that the entrepreneurial journey isn’t an easy one – so life will test you from time to time how resilient and determined you are. It’s the best thing to be surrounded by others and work with others towards your goals. We need those cheerleaders around us that keep us going beyond our limits. Even if they only push you a bit further than you would have done on your own – each step counts and you have the right to have your own rhythm of processing, but keep going – never stop and never give up!

You cannot afford to give up on the life of your dreams.

Some days your goals will seem impossible for you – this is when you need your tribe the most because they believe in you. You need people around you that sometimes believe more in you than you do believe in yourself.


#5 is Reflection

Ever heard of your blind spots? Check out the Johari Window.

I recently went on a Mastermind with four other people and they helped me to uncover things I wasn’t able to see. We spoke about behavior, the way we talk, gestures, the energy they feel when we are around. Sometimes we get lost in our daily routines and way of thinking, don’t get me wrong – routines are important, especially in the morning and evening – but there are times when we forget to reflect ourselves and pay attention to the impact we have on the outside world.

We have to stop and breathe!

In case you keep wondering why things don’t work out for you – talk to someone about it. Maybe you are sending wrong energies and emotions and make people feel differently than you used to.

Getting constructive feedback is so valuable and key on your entrepreneurial journey. They bring you back on track if you are not able to manage it on your own.


The final #6 benefit I want to share with you is Inspiration.

As I said before we don’t have all the answers and sometimes when we are blocking ourselves – it’s a blessing to be in a community of like-minded people where you have access to the wisdom and knowledge of a collective.

This is so much more powerful than working all alone.

They might come up with shortcuts, new ideas and increase your space for improvement. It’s our human nature that we are aiming high and always want to better ourselves. Accept it and share with others what you have to give, they will do the same. This is how we inspire each other to become greater in who we are and in spirit.


Life is offering all this to you for free.
Appreciate it and make your life your bestselling story. Deal?


Let’s sum this up!

Your tribe keeps you accountable to re-focus, re-energize and learn about new ways of thinking to uncover what we were not able to see sometimes. Release our blocks and go beyond your limits. They help us to manifest our direction of life that we create on our own terms. It’s about the community that builds you up and the people you surround yourself with. Let the right ones find you.

What is this thing about us that we are afraid of being ourselves and others could find out who we really are, maybe we are a fraud? #impostersyndrom 😉

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else – this is the thing about finding the right tribe. They allow you to be who you are and want to be and no one else.


My whole life I was afraid to be myself – today my tribe encourages me to be no one else but me!
I am able to share my fears, vulnerability, negative narrative and, wisdom and love equally.

I give and I receive. What you give is what you get.

We are all in this together and this is us NOW!


With love,


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