The importance of GRATITUDE

On this freezing day in Frankfurt, Germany I would like to share some warm-hearted thoughts on GRATITUDE with you. How come?

While others ran to work this morning, I was so glad to stay in bed without feeling any stress or pressure. No alarm ringing, but listening to some birds that are already welcoming the upcoming spring season.

I was dreaming of this lifestyle for a long time and it finally became a reality. Feeling this GRATITUDE made me feel so happy. It’s about the little things that make you realize how blessed you are just because you made a decision to choose yourself first.

Well, I don’t want to say going to work is not a reason to be grateful, but too often those people look exhausted and they give away their power to be the leader of their own life. Instead of being focused on themselves, they pay more attention to fulfilling the expectations of others, friends, employers and this has a huge impact on their mood, level of happiness, life balance, the way they think about life. They forget what matters the most in life. They don’t live, they only exist.

In a society that seems to depress us, that’s makes us worry about looks, styles, highlighting our flaws and defines us by what we have or don’t have – it’s so important to realize what is truly needed to be happy and grateful for. And as well – being MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY healthy!

I’m talking about the people that surround us, how we give back, the HAPPY MOMENTS we create, the opportunities this wonderful world has to offer and the FREEDOM to choose a life you are longing for.

It just feels likes all this takes our mind off things that should matter the most.

Too often we forget how blessed we are with all the little things in life that are so important – like being healthy, having a family, friends that love you, air to breath, listening to the sound of nature.

Luckily there is a study that proves that one of the greatest contributors to happiness is gratitude. It’s called “An Experiment in Gratitude – The Science of Happiness”. You will find the link at the end of this blog post.

I had tears in my eyes while watching this video. What might help you is realizing that nothing lasts forever. This is how we can learn to fall in love with each moment, appreciate the little things and most of all BE GRATEFUL. It’s time to stop wasting our energy, love life and say what we have to say… especially before it’s too late.

Take your life and make it the best story while being grateful and not giving all this negatives vibes the chance to pull you down!

…and now enjoy watching the video. Click here!



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