From Employee to Business Owner…

Insights how MLM helped to leave my 9-5

Have you ever thought of getting out of this job that occupies all of your time and leaves only a little time for your life?

How often are you more worried about your survival than keeping your dreams alive?

I did – quite too often, but I finally found my way to my personal breakthrough and freedom.

I learned a lot about our current work world and current developments in our society while writing my bachelor thesis, which was focused on the direct selling market and how employers try to build employee loyalty.

The facts I learned are that our work world is changing and the traditional work world we used to know is kind of dying or in some areas does no longer exist.

Corporate security disappears more and more and our careers become unpredictable. If all the jobs out there would be that safe, why do so many people worry about it and compete with their colleagues hoping for a promotion?

We sacrifice our health in order to make wealth – then we sacrifice our wealth to get health back.

This is not what life should look like.

The result is that we need to navigate our own way and more than ever we are responsible for creating a life true to ourselves and take care of ourselves not depending on someone else like the government or any company. The good news is – we have the ability to do so.

The success formula then was – school – college – job. That was in the industrial age which is over – welcome to the information age – the success formula today – IT’S YOU!

We have the choice! To be more detailed – we have TWO choices: SECURITY or FREEDOM. Security means you pay a huge price – you sacrifice your freedom.

Freedom means to educate yourself to think differently, to become the leader of your life and to act wisely to build you and your successful business.

That’s why I started my coaching business to make a difference. Not only for me but also for my clients! To help them overcome the fears and challenges I’ve been through.

Building a better world means building a better you, so it all started with me.

To cite Jay Shetty,

“we are anxious about the future, so we don’t live in the present. We wait 5 days to live again. We work for jobs where they can replace us within one day…”

Is this what you want or do you believe there is more?

I did. I felt in the wrong place for a long time and I was looking for something not knowing what it exactly was… then out of nothing, I found that Network Marketing opportunity in front of me. I didn’t join because of money or success, I joined because of that community that provided me with all this energy and empowerment.

We live in a developing world, in such a fast-moving world and currently, it looks like we are heading towards network instead of hierarchies, more focused on purpose than profit, empowering each other instead of controlling each other.

The first thing to understand is, that it’s not all about money. There is no question about that we all want to earn money as it is the key to a free life. But when it comes to building yourself and your business we shouldn’t worry about money, we should focus on building ourselves, creating values for others and get it out there. I believe the more we give the more we get back. And this is when money comes easy back to you.

If we all would live our passion and follow our heart, our path true to ourselves, do you think we had a better world? I truly believe so. That’s why I’m on a mission to guide others to a life they only dreamed of.

We all have it inside. It’s not our genes, our roots… we all are unique and that is our power. Everyone has a genius within.

So why should you trust the journey you choose? – Because YOU are the one holding the pen to rewrite your story – pardon – your SUCCESS story.

I chose Networking Marketing as it provides us with this feeling of safety, accountability, support, honesty, cooperation, and trust.

Healthy relationships are important and help us to stop thinking we need to do it all on your own. We need to overcome that kind of limited thinking and just start somewhere. It’s about the experience, your path to success and not money and the success itself.

Success is a poor teacher. Failure and mistakes are the best teachers.

Within Network Marketing you become part of a long-term positive support-group with many ambitious people that help you through that process with its all ups and downs.

They called Franchise a scam in the past – now look at McDonald’s – such a success story. Afterwards, they called Franchise the wave of the future.

That’s why many people call Network Marketing a scam now. They might be scared or they simply are in the dark. Any new systems often go through that difficult period of being classified as doubtful or not serious. Something I fully understand – it’s our human nature to be careful first and safe.

But don’t close your eyes if you have a proven opportunity in front of you – educate yourself, learn about it wisely and then it’s the time to judge and make your decision.

I truly believe that Network Marketing / MLM is the wave of the future now as Franchise was in the past.

It gives you the opportunity to buy into a system for a reasonable fee and immediately start building your business while earning a passive income next to your job (if you’re not ready to quit directly), learn how to become a real business owner and probably investor.

Most of all you learn how to overcome your fears and you learn how to lead people. This is so important.

When starting within Network Marketing – here a few tips you should pay attention to…

First of all – you choose the people you would like to work with – meaning the right people for you – not the best ones. Make sure you have people around you enjoy being with and respect you as you respect them.

Then make sure to join the strong mentor programs and ongoing education programs.

Choose a proven system including a distribution system and a great compensation plan that has been successful for years. That’s how you find the right opportunity for you to succeed.

Remember – every company has its black sheep – but one person does not represent the culture of the whole company. Some things are just beyond our power. Take it easy and prove to those who don’t believe that it works – if they don’t want to believe – let them go with love.

For me, MLM or Networking Marketing was the bridge to freedom. I was able to build a side business next to my job and creating another stream of income before quitting my job and founding my main business in the coaching industry. This helped me see things more clearly and not being lead by my emotions only.

Don’t get me wrong, our emotional intelligence is an important part, but when it comes to changes it is our human nature that we don’t like changes and our emotions try to protect us and blind us from seeing the whole picture. We just react rather than think rational.

This opportunity took away that difficult part of creating my own business and helped me getting over from being an employee to becoming my own boss within my coaching business and MLM business.

Our life is a continuous process of learning. Even myself, I’m still on my journey. I will always be. I enjoy it to the fullest and I hope you do the same 🙂

Keep your eyes open and learn about the opportunities that show up in your life. It might be the next chance to grow.

With love,

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